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?What is administrative table
An administrative table is applied in vocational spaces and offices. Such table is one of those major
elements in workplace that has a significant impact on work discipline and organizing documents
.and folders, so it should be chosen preciously as some of the following mentioned ones
Since such table is not going to be used for a short time and it is purchased for a long period, so its
wood must be chosen from perfect material to avoid being damaged easily because it is moved and
.transmitted a lot in offices or in transportation
Its colour must be harmonized with other components of the room that is to say creating
coordination between all components of the room is effective in making more discipline in clerks’
Size of the table is another key feature that should be considered. If the room is small, the size of the
table should be suitable for such size and for such cramped rooms, tables with drawers can provide
.appropriate space for holding some document
Each clerk should have his/her own table to feel responsibility toward it. When each clerk’s space is
determinate, their work efficiency improves and they are prevented from chaos and disorder.
A clerical table must be located in a way that enables the superiors to monitor clerks. In addition, it
must be designed with efficient size for laying computer on it and moving mouse without any
For selecting an apt clerical table, it is better to predict accurately what clerical items are required,
then based on requirements it should be ordered to be designed. Furthermore, considering normal
.height of clerks should be included in the selection
The surface of the table should be equal to hand’s wrist to its elbow so as to enable clerks to
.implements his/her work such as using mouse or writing something down as easily as possible

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