VENIZ from Bellavita is a
thoroughgoing wall-mounted coat
rack for places like an abode or
office. The design of this product is
classic and nostalgic and with the
benefit of cutting-edge knowledge of
Bellavita’s engineers, Veniz was
made as modern as possible.
And in order to assure customers
about exchanging all pieces, if any
problems occur, this product is
dismantled then packed for
delivering, so the customer will
experience the enjoyment of
reassembling and installing as well.
This coat-rack has 7 hocks for
hanging all private stuff such as a
jacket, coat, hat, umbrella and so on.
This wooden wall-mounted coat-rack
,which is in 3 variant colours, is a
unique and efficient product. This high-quality item has enough strength for bearing heavy weight of
clothes and accessories

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