about us

Naarvan Choob industrial group

Naarvan Choob that commenced its activity in 2003 is both designer
and producer of wooden pieces, administrative and household
furniture, interior, administrative and commercial decoration with
purpose of novel designing, high quality production and impeccable
implementation could have accommodated the requirements of some
well-known administrative and household furniture manufacturers.
Variation of designing, colour, size and quality in manufacturing
products with applying advanced industrial machineries, consuming
raw imported materials and experienced workforce have enabled
Naarvan Choob to manufacture unique products both quantitatively and qualitatively to offer them
to production companies.

بم.Bellavita is a new name in the field of furniture and administrative decoration that under aegis of 17-
year-old experience of Naarvan Choob industrial group commenced its activity in the arena of
designing, making and producing administrative, managing and hotel decoration.
Bellavita has focused on quality, efficiency, beauty and ergonomics in designing and manufacturing
products. This has led to being trusted and attracted by customers.
We hope, under aegis of God, we proceed in making and manufacturing full-wood products